Bosch 305mm 60T Tct Circular Saw Blade For Wood Cutting - General Purpose

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BOSCH® GENERAL PURPOSE Circular Saw Blades provide clean and smooth cuts in hardwoods, softwoods, plywoods, particle boards & MDF. Utilising a fully functional PTFE blade coating, GENERAL PURPOSE blades reduce side friction while cutting. Their fully ground, high quality carbide teeth cut effortlessly increasing productivity. They are mounted on a hardened steel blade body which ensures precise and stable cuts. Collectively, these features ensure GENERAL PURPOSE blades last longer than similarly priced circular saw blades. Features Functional PTFE Blade Coating - Reduces friction while cutting and decreases gumming on the blade body , Fully Ground Teeth - Provides clean and smooth cuts, High Quality Carbide - Ensures good blade lifetime, Hardened Steel Body - Permits precise and stable cuts, Specifications Blade Diameter: 305 mm (12"), Bore Diameter: 30 mm, Kerf Thickness: 2.8 mm, Plate Thickness: 1.8 mm, Tooth Count: 60T, Tooth Hook Angle: 10°, Tooth Configuration: ATB (Alternate Top Bevel), Safety Information Maximum RPM: 5,000, Recommeded PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):, Safety Glasses, Safety Gloves, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Material Suitability Hardwood, Softwood, Plywood, Particle Board (raw), MDF, Includes Reduction Rings (x4):, 30 mm to 25.4 mm (1"), 30 mm to 25 mm, 30 mm to 20 mm, 30 mm to 16 mm,

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