Bosch 22.0 X 250mm 4-Cut Sds-Plus Tct Hammer Drill Bit - Bulldog Xtreme


Bosch 22.0 X 250mm 4-Cut Sds-Plus Tct Hammer Drill Bit - Bulldog Xtreme
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Over the years, BOSCH® has brought constant innovation to concrete and masonry drilling. From inventing the industry standard SDS system, to in-house manufacture of carbide optimised for percussion drilling, and perfecting diffusion bondng technology that results in improved performance and enhanced durability, BOSCH® is the global leader. BOSCH®'s latest ground-breaking innovation is the BULLDOG XTREME™. These bits provide incredible durability with a lifetime up to 3X that of the nearest competitor, especially when hitting embedded reinforcing bar. The exceptional durability is thanks to a full carbide head featuring four cutters and matching flutes. The heads are connected with proprietary diffusion bonding technology. Diffusion bonding's high-heat, high-pressure, solid-state welding, produces an incredibly strong bond which ensures the heads stay on even during the toughest applications where multiple rebar strikes occur. BULLDOG XTREME™ Bits also feature a wear mark which when still visible ensures the bit is drilling to the stated diameter. This is very important due to the tight tolerences required from various masonry anchor systems. All BULLDOG XTREME™ Bits are proudly Made in Germany. Features Solid Carbide Head - For XTREME durability, 4-Cutter / Flute Geometry - For XTREME speed, Centric Conical Tip - Results in rounder, more accurate holes which is important in anchoring applications, Wear Mark - When visible, ensures bit is drilling to the stated diameter, PGM® Certification - Ensures bit's stated diameter is accurate at the time of manufacture, Specifications Diameter: 22.0 mm, Working Length: 200 mm, Overall Length: 250 mm, Cutter Configuration: 4-Cutter - Solid Carbide, Shank:: SDS-Plus,

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