Bailey 3 in 1 Ladder 7 Step Industrial 150kg 2.1m

Bailey 3 in 1 Ladder 7 Step Industrial 150kg 2.1m

Sold By: Barrow & Bench Mitre 10


Product Details

Patented barrel hinge that makes changing positions quick, easy and efficient with and auto position lock function – no more fiddling with hooks.| Innovative top cap turns it into a leaning ladder that can be used against stud frames, internal corners, external corners and flat walls.| Non-marking, anti-slip top cap pads.| Multi function top cap that can hold drills, screwdrivers and assorted tools.| Angled, anti-slip wall pads on the back legs provide additional stability when used in the straight ladder configuration.| Level indicating labels make it easier to set up the ladder at the correct angle when use in the leaning and straight configurations.| Large anti-slip boots provide additional stability.| The straight back legs allow the ladder to be positioned through stud walls allowing the user to get closer to the work surface in a straight on position.


Bailey Ladder’s SLS Ladder is a revolutionary new design of ladder that can be used as stepladder, a leaning ladder or a straight ladder. | In leaning mode, it can be used against internal corners, external corners or up against stud framing. | The patented hinge allows seamless transition between positions reducing time on the worksite.

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