Bahco Handsaw and Hacksaw Combo

Bahco Handsaw and Hacksaw Combo

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Bahco 19" Economy Handsaw (NP-19-U7/8-HP):| Handsaw for cutting all types of wood| Universal teething with hardpoint teeth for long-lasting sharpness| Handle with a comfortable grip and good sawing support| Screwed two-component handle can be used for approximate 45° and 90° marking guide| Comfortable screwed plastic handle| Long-lasting sharpness from the universal hardpoint toothing| Bahco 12" Economy Hacksaw (306):| Supplied with the 300 mm (12") Sandflex® 24 TPI bi-metal blade| Comfortable, easy to use, lightweight hacksaw| Alternative 90° blade mounting pins for flush cutting| Ideal for DIY use


Includes: Bahco 19" Economy Hacksaw and Bahco 12" Economy Handsaw.

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