Armor All Tyre Foam 500g

Armor All Tyre Foam 500g

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Protects – prolongs the natural deterioration of tyres.| It takes little effort and only minutes to achieve clean and shining tyres with ARMOR ALL® Tyre Foam.| The fast acting formula lifts dirt and grime from the tyre and carries it away leaving behind a lustrous shine.| ARMOR ALL® Tyre Foam protects against the elements that can crack and fade sidewalls without harming wheels or wheel covers.


Apply in seconds for clean and shiny tyres, simply spray on and walk away.| Spray on foaming application with self-cleaning and drying.| Cleans - effectively lifts dirt from tyre and carries it away.| Shines – leaves tyres with an all over wet look deepened colour.

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