Arlec Single Outlet Safety Switch

Arlec Single Outlet Safety Switch

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

Includes surge protection for equipmentconnected to the RCD.| This Arlec single outlet plug in adaptor with built in safety switch (Residual Current Device) provides protection against electrocution.| The Safety Switch is an electronic sensing device that constantly monitors the balance of current flow between active and neutral within the plugged in appliance.| Should your body contact a live part of the appliance, an imbalance is sensed by the safety switch and the supply is automatically switched off.| Ideal for the bathroom, kitchen or home office workshop.| Australian and New Zealand standards approved.


Protects against the risk of electrocution.| Tripping current 30mA.| Rating 230–240 volt 10 amp 2400 watt.| Plugs into a standard 240 volt wall socket.

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