Accent Doors, Windows & Trims Oil Based

Accent Doors, Windows & Trims Oil Based

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Product Details

  • Accent® Doors, Windows and Trims is a traditional oil based enamel suitable for interior projects. A tough, hardwearing smooth finish that is easy to apply and easy to clean. Suitable for use over water and oil based coating.In cool or humid conditions allow longer dry times. Ensure temperature is above 10°C during application and drying.
  • Up to 16m2 per litre coverage (depending on the surface)
  • Mineral Turpentine clean up
  • Gloss sheen level, providing a High light reflection to accentuate certain surfaces
  • TOOLS TO APPLY THE PAINT - We recommend using quality tools to help you achieve a professional result.Brush: Use a good quality brush to paint corners, around windows, doors and trims or any other areas not accessible with a roller.Roller: Use a short nap (5-10mm) synthetic roller. Using other roller types will affect the final finish achieved.Spray: Add up to 125 ml per litre of a suitable spraying thinner to aid atomisation for application by conventional spray and up to 30 ml per litre for application by airless spray. If spraying, back rolling is recommended for an even finish. Back rolling is the use of a short nap roller to lightly roll over the freshly painted surface immediately after the spray application.
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Suitable for interior and exterior projects|Hardwearing finish|Traditional enamel|Easy to apply and clean|Australian made for Australian homes

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