3M Paint Project Half Face Respirators


3M Paint Project Half Face Respirators
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The 3M Paint Project Half Face Respirator is an efficient filtration system that prevents inhalation of aerosols, solvents, and mists during spray painting or applying solvents and pesticides. This respirator is suitable for construction and factory workers, providing a 95% efficiency against vapors, pesticides, and paint fumes. The 3M Paint Project Half Face Respirator is designed for professionals with constant exposure to paint, pesticide, and vapor mists in their workplace. The respirator is fitted with laid-back cartridges and filters that improve visibility and comfort in harsh working conditions. 3M Respirators are performance tested with an OV/P95 rating and are designed to cater to the respiratory needs of a pro. Each respirator kit includes a facepiece, a pair each of cartridges and retainers, as well as two 5P71 filters. Designed for professional use only, not for DIY projects| 3M respirators sit comfortably on the face and can be worn for long periods| Includes a facepiece, a pair each of cartridges and retainers, and two 5P71 filters| This half-face respirator is performance tested and conforms to the best production standards in the industry| Provides 95% protection from solvents and mist inhalation


Each respirator kit contains (1) face piece, (1) pair of 6001 cartridges, (1) pair of 501 retainers and (2) pair of 5P71 filters| 3M™ Protection™ Paint Project Respirator is a great choice in respiratory protection for the pro.| For workplace/occupational applications only.| Not recommended for DIY applications| Balanced design for more comfort| Swept back cartridges for improved visibility

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