3M P2 Sanding Respirators - 2 Pack

3M P2 Sanding Respirators - 2 Pack

Sold By: Bayswater Mitre 10


Product Details

3M P2 Sanding non valve Respirator is used for non-harmful dust from sanding, grinding, sawing and insulating particles.| The advanced filter media makes for easier breathing.| Easy to use, comfortable and lightweight, the 3M Sanding Respirator is a great choice in respiratory protection for both the professional and the DIY'er.


Provides at least 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid particles that do not contain oil.| Adjustable nose clip that reduces the potential for eyewear fogging and helps ensure a custom and secure seal.| Performance tested to AS/NZS 1716; (P95).| Pack of 2.

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