Construction during COVID-19

Delivertrade, a Melbourne based App Marketplace, helping thousands of construction tradies and retail trade suppliers during Covid Stage 4 lock-down!  

The Victorian government has partially shut down the state’s construction industry as part of its stage four restrictions to stem the escalating COVID-19 health crisis. 

Furthermore, construction sites “will move to pilot levels.”, no more than 25 percent of the workforce on major projects will be permitted on site and for small-scale residential construction a maximum of five people will be allowed on site. All constructions site will be required to have a COVID-19 safe plan. 

How will it impact the commercial construction industry? 

REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee says the scaling back of the construction industry will take a huge toll on Victoria, as it is one of the state’s biggest employers. 

“It’s a big hit on the Victorian economy, given the city in recent years has relied on construction activity as a major employer,” she says. 

Conisbee says it is critical that construction and other industries are permitted to return to normality as soon as is safely possible. 

“On the one hand the lockdown is necessary, but on the other hand we just have to continue to be mindful of the incredible economic hit this is taking.” 

What is Delivertrade and how is it helping the industry? 

We’ve just launched an App Marketplace that connects Melbourne tradies with retail suppliers whereby building materials can be ordered from our app platform and we guarantee Covid Safe contact-less delivery direct to construction site within 2 hours.    

We really want to help the construction industry which has been a great part of our lives and help them operate as normal as possible during these tough times.  

Reduced on-site capacity will mean that the very few ‘tradies’ that will be allowed to work on sites, will be expected to carry forward the construction programme which will be an extremely difficult task.  

We are confident that a platform like our smart DeliverTrade app will assist these guys to focus on their job – whilst we take care of the supply and delivery of trade materials and tools directly to their work site. Our operation is contact-less and COVID Safe.  

As an on-flow effect by the reduced capacity on building sites, the impact will filter through all trade material suppliers and manufacturers. Our aim is to help these guys too and get them as close to normal turnover levels as we possibly can.  

We have put on extra people so we can speed up the on-boarding process and have them listed on our platform FREE of charge and make available their products to our tradie customers within a day or two.  

We take care of the almost instant deliveries; all they (Suppliers) have to do is pick and pack the product and leave it at their doorstep.  

Our mission is to save tradies the trip and help suppliers grow their sales. 

For more information contact us through our website   

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